Secure Data Exchange Platform

SDEP is based on blockchain technology. Data sandboxing mechanism solves the problem of information asymmetry. Smart contract protects the confidentiality of the transaction. Voting system ensures the openness, fairness, and transparency of the transactions.


SDEP Advantages

The benefits of SDEP includes: Reduce cost of data acquisition. Improve efficiency of data acquisition.Promote industry standards and facilitate data exchange. Protect data assets and bring sustainable benefits to data providers.

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NXCT-Devoted to establish an ecosystem of data transactions

Focus on solving data circulation issues. Devoted to establish an ecosystem of data transactions, the platform allows more companies to discover and re-evaluate the value of data, getting data circulated safely, efficiently, and legally

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Milestone of XChain and SDEP

1. 2017 H1: Concept of SDEP and Creation of XChain Studio.

2. 2017 H2: Completed basic functions of SDEP and proposed the plan for financing.

3. 2018 H1: Complete financing for NXCT and finish logging and clearing functions of SDEP.

4. 2018 H2: Headquater XChain in Hongkong, Singapore. Make inroads into other major countries.


Countries collaborated with XChain.

  • United States
  • Hongkong
  • Europe
  • Singapore
  • Japan


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